Prints and Purchasing

In order to assure the quality of each photograph I sell, I do all my own processing and printing. In my black and white work, I have melded what I consider to be the best of traditional film cameras with the most up-to-date digital rendering: I use silver based film and arcane processing techniques followed by digital scanning and file processing in Photoshop. I then make prints using large format gicl printers, paper by Hahnemuhle and a subtle mix of pigmented inks by Cone and Roland. My color work is digital start to finish.

My black and white workflow allows the six shades of carbon pigment ink I use to produce thousands of shades in grayscale and continuous tone rendering generally associated with wet darkroom processes, but with a greater overall tonal range. My color prints blend twelve pigmented inks.

The pigments and paper I use have been carefully chosen and proven through exhaustive testing to achieve the greatest tonal range and longevity, along with the least fade or color-shift of any available in the digital marketplace. With reasonable care, my prints will exhibit no visible deterioration for many generations.

I number and sign each print on the margin. Value for collectors is safeguarded by incremental price increases with each prints sold of any image. Base prices listed below are for unmounted and unframed carbon pigment and color gicl prints on 100% rag paper. Other sizes are available on request. Shipping is not included.

Base Print Prices

Size Price

Up to, and including 6" x 9" (i.e., 6" x 6" square)............$250

Up to, and including 15" x 20" (i.e., 15" x 15" square) ...........$1,250

Up to, and including 20" x 32" (i.e., 20" x 20" square) ............$ 1,900

Up to, and including 30" x 42" (i.e., 25" x 25" square) ............$ 2,900

Up to, and including 40" x 60" (i.e., 35" x 35" square) ............$ 3,750